Stalker Anatomy Render

Stalker muscle definition

For this second render I’ve used a wax material. I’ve done this to show case the curves and shape of the model. I think I’m quite content with the bodily structure, and may continue now to finer details and accessories.


The Stalker – Shape Study

Did a render of this monster early on to conduct a small study on its shape before I take it further.
I like to stop and take a second to make sure everything looks believable when experimenting with anatomy on a new monster, my aim is to get this cute little fella to look like he could articulate his limbs without difficulty. About to Move into the muscle definition and detail of the CG sculpture.

This creature has been inspired buy a mix of things, including the movement and shape of old men and their walkers plus some inspiration from the comic Biomega some of the monsters created by Collin Fix that are featured in the game Bio-Shock.