Sachiel HD

Worked up the definition of the model and added some clothing.

Sachiel, Evangelion, Angel, 3D















Inspired by the design of Sachiel from Evangelion Neon Genesis I decided to do a sculpture  using Z-Brush R2. My goal was to depicted what I think an (Evangelion) Angel might look like if it was closer to realism.

I added a lot more muscle definition to the character but still tried to keep the generally lanky feel Sachiel has. I positioned Sachiel in a spiritual pose, almost like a state of meditation before an attack. I also made alterations to his character by adding a bird skull instead of a mask and giving him some spinal-cord poping out his back. I also made his body more a flesh color, but i am planning on giving him some dark robes to help strengthen the likeliness towards the original character.

Here are some low quality renders from Zbrush, will be posting a HD Version soon.

Sachiel, Evangelion, Sculpture