Frisian Stallion Sculpture

It took four hours of hard consecration to produce this sculpture. 


Frisian Stallion

My beloved girlfriend requested a Frisian Stallion sculpture for her birthday present, I’ve been sketching horses for three days in preparation for the sculpture. Horse anatomy is a challenging area because their muscle structure is very bold to say the least. I’ve learnt allot from this brief study, and think it has bettered me as an artist to go outside my comfort zone and try sculpting subject matter I wouldn’t normally approach.  The sculpture is unfortunately stuck in a computer for now but soon I will I’ll get it 3D printed, somewhere in Melbourne. If anyone knows anywhere please contact me, as most of the places I’ve found are only for Geometric Sculptures of buildings and Industrial design.

This sketch was chosen out of four to be sculpted.












Inspired by the design of Sachiel from Evangelion Neon Genesis I decided to do a sculpture  using Z-Brush R2. My goal was to depicted what I think an (Evangelion) Angel might look like if it was closer to realism.

I added a lot more muscle definition to the character but still tried to keep the generally lanky feel Sachiel has. I positioned Sachiel in a spiritual pose, almost like a state of meditation before an attack. I also made alterations to his character by adding a bird skull instead of a mask and giving him some spinal-cord poping out his back. I also made his body more a flesh color, but i am planning on giving him some dark robes to help strengthen the likeliness towards the original character.

Here are some low quality renders from Zbrush, will be posting a HD Version soon.

Sachiel, Evangelion, Sculpture